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The Siberian cat originates in Russia and the Ukraine. The „Sibirskaja Koschka“, as it is called in its home country, has been used as mouser for centuries in Russian villages.  But the organized breeding as a pedigree cat did only start in 1978 in  Russia and the Siberian cats have still kept a lot of their nativeness and naturalness.

Neva Masquerade is the name for the color-point variant of the Siberian cat. The base color of the fur is cream-white with darker “points” on the face, tail and legs. The points can be black (seal), blue or red (cream) and they can be solid or striped (tabby/lynx). All Neva Masquerade cats have blue eyes. The kittens are born snow-white and the points appear as they grow.  

Siberian cats have an uncomplicated character. They are extremely affectionate and social and always up to play or cuddle.  They are also very patient and friendly with little children and that is why Siberians are ideal family cats and they do also well with most dogs. But also if you are single, a Siberian will be a wonderful companion. They will develop a very close relationship with their owner and enjoy the hours when you play with them or just chilling out together on the couch. Siberians have a pleasant voice and love to “talk” with their owner. Certainly, they always need to have the last say…  Siberians are also very self-confident and intelligent and can be very creative to get their way, but usually one look of her very expressive eyes is enough and you will do whatever they wish…  
Because of their social nature, Siberians don’t want to stay alone for long time. If you are not at home for many hours during the day, it is highly recommended to keep two or more cats. So they can give company each other until you come back.

Siberians are still a very natural breed and therefore robust and healthy. They are ideal indoor cats, but also enjoy the possibility to explore a fenced backyard or secured balcony when supervised. It is important to offer them lots of attention and an interesting and rich environment. A cat tree and several toys belong to the basic equipment. The toys don’t need to be fancy or expensive, little balls, toy mice or empty paper boxes are enough. You can also fill an empty shoebox with paper and the empty paper rolls from your bathroom tissue and hide some of their favorite snacks inside. The fur is comparatively easy to groom. The cats will mostly take care of it themselves, but regularly brushing with a comb and a soft brush helps to reduce the amount of hair that the cat swallows.